Rapid Test Kits

4 Pack Urgent Care Kit

Comes with Covid + Flu + Strep + Uti kits. 


Sore throat and discomfort? Worried it might be strep throat? Put your concerns to rest with our Strep Rapid Test Kit. Quick, convenient, and highly accurate, our test kit allows you to check for strep throat in the comfort of your home.

No more waiting for appointments or enduring painful symptoms. Early detection means prompt treatment, leading to faster relief. Take control of your health and get back to feeling your best. Order your Strep Rapid Test Kit now and regain your peace of mind!


Dealing with the discomfort of a possible urinary tract infection (UTI)? Our UTI Rapid Test Kit offers a hassle-free way to determine if a UTI is causing your symptoms.

Don't let UTIs disrupt your life; our kit provides fast and accurate results, so you can take the appropriate steps for relief. Early detection and treatment are key to a speedy recovery. Regain your comfort and well-being today. Order your UTI Rapid Test Kit now and take the first step towards feeling better!


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